Help us to feed 1,000 hungry children every school day. We believe no child should go hungry—partner with us by committing to donating a loaf of bread daily to school children in need.
Two school girls and a loaf of bread


Join us as a partner by committing to give a loaf of bread daily.

How it works

Child hunger and malnutrition is a massive problem around the world. Providing a simple nutrient-rich meal in the form of bread can create an outsized impact and transform the lives of children, but we need your help.


We deliver loaves of bread daily to school kids in need.


Our local bakery uses nutrient-rich ingredients to daily bake fresh bread.

Why Bread?

Bread is an efficient and tasty way to get people the base nutrients they need. Hunger impacts a person's overall health and ability to learn and grow. Dealing with hunger is the first step in equipping kids to live a life of opportunity and hope.

African boys in Africa eating a meal together


Commit to regular donations, starting a campaign, and spreading the word of our mission.

Partner with us

Whether you're a business, organization, or individual, we would love you to join us in our mission. Here are a few simple ways you can partner.


Corporate sponsorships reach more children and help expand our operation.


Launch a campaign and commit to providing food for an entire school or group of children.
Be a partner

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Follow us on social media to get to know our bakers and the people they feed. We like to think of our social channel as a way to amplify the voices of those who are often over looked and not heard.
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